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Credit Protection Plan

Credit Protection Plan

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Protect yourself and your family against financial obligations on your vehicle in the event of your death.


Our Credit Protection Plan

offers cover in the event of:


The payment of your financial obligation up to R 500 000 should you die before the end of the agreement term.

Disability or Illness:

The payment of your monthly instalments should you become disabled or incapacitated, lasting for the duration of your illness.


Should you be retrenched we will pay your monthly instalments during your period of unemployment for the maximum of six instalments.

Dread Disease:

More comprehensive insurance is available if you are not over the age of 55 and you suffer unexpected illnesses, such as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, cancer, paraplegia, serious burns or coma.

The following exclusions apply:

  • If the date of your illness, injury or disability, which leads to the claim, preceded the commencement of insurance.
  • If cause of the claim is directly or indirectly related to HIV or AIDS.
  • In the event of a normal pregnancy and birth, complications will be considered.
  • If the cause of the claim is directly or indirectly related to self-inflicted injury or suicide.

CLAIMS PROCEDURE (Death, disability, retrenchment & dread disease)

In the event of death, disability, retrenchment, dread disease, claims should be lodged in writing with the Claims Administrator, International Underwriters & Administrators (Pty) Ltd.(IU&A) on
Tel: (031) 570-7600
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 08h00 to 16h30

ADDITIONAL BENEFIT - HIV / AIDS Prevention Initiative

In addition to the Credit Protection Plan policy you are automatically enrolled into the LifeSence Personal Protection Programme.

As a member of the Personal Protection Programme you now have rapid access to Anti-Retroviral treatment and Trauma Counselling. You also get professional advise on what to do to ensure you are not infected and the procedures around possible police involvement. All procedures are tracked to ensure everything is undertaken within those crucial 72 hours available to combat possible HIV/AIDS infection.

This programme is administered by LifeSence Risk Solutions and will cover you and your immediate family in the event of accidental exposure to HIV/AIDS.

HIV Prevention Initiative:

In the event of "accidental exposure" to HIV/AIDS (eg: rape, assault, trauma, car accident, etc)you and your immediate family (those resident with you ) will be provided access to the following invaluable benefits:

  • Advice on nearest Medical Centre
  • Consultation with a relevant Medical Practitioner
  • An initial blood test to evaluate present status - Should you test negative the correct preventative medication will be administered.Should you test positive, appropriate quidance and counselling will be provided.
  • A follow up blood test , PLUS consultation 3 months after the incident to determine your status.
  • Lifetime telephonic counselling and advice facility through the HIV call centre and;
  • If required, registration into a lifestyle management programme, to help you cope with your HIV status.

Claims / Reporting Procedure (HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative)

In the event of exposure please contact the LifeSense Care Centre on 0860 10 29 93 immediately as Anti-Retroviral therapy can reduce your chances of contracting HIV by up to 97% - treatment should be started within 36 hours of the exposure, but sooner is better.

Terms Of Agreement

Of necessity this document summarises the terms of the policy and its features and benefits. Full details of the insurance covers, and the exclusions and/or deductions thereunder, are set out in the policy document.

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