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A vehicle may well be the most high-risk asset you own. Here are a few frightening facts:

  • If you finance a vehicle, and it is written off or stolen: - you will be held liable for the whole amount owing - regardless of what you paid for it new, your vehicle is bound to depreciate over time.
  • Most people receive only a portion of the money owing when their vehicle is stolen or written off.
  • At least one out of every ten vehicles in South Africa is written off or stolen every year.

Because of these facts it is very likely that you will lose money on insurance claims.

Losing money on your claim will mean that you will be held liable for additional debt not covered by your insurance, or that you will not be able to afford the deposit on a replacement vehicle.


U Insure offers an innovative product so that you won't lose out when making a claim on your vehicle.

The exciting Shortfall, Excess and Deposit Cover is a programme that will meet the needs of private as well as corporate customers, including those on allowance schemes.

In addition to these benefits we now offer Bodyline Maintenance Cover which provides you with cover up to R1 500 in the event of your vehicle’s body work suffering accidental damage like minor dents and scratches.

The programme is designed to cover the full period of your credit agreement but can also operate on an annual basis.

In the event of an annual policy please note that should you wish to renew, it is your responsibility to contact us before the original one expires.

Shortfall Cover

With shortfall cover we will pay the difference between the amount you owe your finance institution and the amount your comprehensive insurer pays out when your vehicle is written off or stolen (less certain deductibles like any policy excess). This can eliminate the Credit Shortfall debt you would ordinarily have to cover with your own cash!

Bodyline Maintenance Cover

In the event of minor accidental body damage like dents and scratches, Bodyline Maintenance Cover will provide you with cover up to R1 500 if the total cost of your repairs are less than your excess payable in terms of your underlying comprehensive insurance policy. A small claims handling fee will be payable.

Excess Protection Cover

In the event of the total loss of your vehicle our Excess Protection Cover will pay your comprehensive insurance policy excess for you, to a maximum of 10% of your vehicle's value, limited to R50 000.

Deposit Cover

Most private retail customers have to put down at least 10% deposit in order to purchase a vehicle. What happens if your vehicle is stolen or written off? You usually lose your deposit, as the insurer will only pay out the market value of your vehicle, and in most cases this will not even be enough to pay the amount owing to your financial institution under your credit agreement.

Unlike private retail customers, corporate/business or allowance users are not legally required to pay a deposit when financing a vehicle. Accordingly deposit cover is not generally needed and the focus is on shortfall and excess protection. If, however, an allowance user chooses to put down a deposit, he may if he so wishes insure that deposit under the terms and rates of the Deposit Cover programme.

Get Your Money Back With Our Deposit Cover!

If your vehicle is stolen or written off and you lose some or all of your deposit, we will refund you the pro rata portion of your lost deposit for the remaining period of your credit agreement, after your comprehensive insurance pay out has been taken into consideration.

This will help you towards another deposit on your replacement vehicle.

Claims Procedure

In the event of your vehicle being written off or stolen and you are left a shortfall owing to the bank; or you are just wanting to repair some minor dents or scratches through your Bodyline Maintenance benefit, you can contact the ExtraCover Claims Administrator, International Underwriters & Administrators (Pty) Ltd.(IU&A) on
Tel: (031) 570-7600
Office Hours: 08h00 - 16h30

Terms Of Agreement

Of necessity this document summarises the terms of the policy and its features and benefits. Full details of the insurance covers, and the exclusions and/or deductions and/or additional excesses thereunder, are set out in the policy document.

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Tel: (031) 570-7600
Fax: (031) 570-7625
Please contact uinsure@um.co.za for further information on our Insurance products.


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