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About Car Finance

Unitrans Automotive (Pty) Ltd offers finance to individual and corporate clients at
competitive rates in respect of new and used vehicles through all the major financial institutions

Transactions can be structured taking into account repayment, cash flow needs and tax benefits.

Unitrans Automotive (Pty) Ltd is able to provide expert advice in respect of allowance, company car and fleet financing.

Over and above vehicles, the company also finances capital equipment and aircraft.

Repayments can be made either electronically or at any relevant bank branch.

Six Easy Steps to Car Financing:
Step 1 - Select the vehicle you would like to buy
Step 2 - Ask your dealership to arrange financing
Step 3 - Ask your dealership to arrange insurance
Step 4 - Complete the proposal with the company representative at the dealer premises
Step 5 - After approval, complete documentation at the dealer premises
Step 6 - Take delivery of your newly acquired vehicle

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Unitrans Automotive proudly sells the following makes of cars in South Africa:

Toyota  ||   Opel  ||   Volkswagen  ||   Audi  ||   Isuzu  ||   Nissan  ||   BMW  ||   Chevrolet
Mercedes  ||   Mini    Pajero 
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