Warranties & Other Plans

Through U Insure we also offer a wide range of warranties and other insurance products to help keep you safe, protect you from unforeseen expenses and offer relief if you are unable to work.


A vehicle warranty plan is like a medical aid for your car. While most new vehicles come with a standard service and warranty plan – when this runs out you are at risk of large unforeseen expenses if your vehicle experiences a mechanical or technical failure. Having a warranty plan means that you are covered for those expensive repairs.

We have our Unitrans AutoCare Warranty package as well as our custom package for Trucks & Taxis. We also support most manufacturer extended warranty options. Fill out the form below for more information.

Debt Protection

In the unlikely event that your situation changes and you are either dead, unable to work or made redundant, having you and your family at risk of debt due to unpaid car payments should be the least of your worries. As such, we have a variety of protection plans that will ensure your vehicle installments are either covered or paid in full, depending on your situation.

Having your car stolen is also another concern in South Africa. Unfortunately, the insurance claim doesn’t always cover the outstanding finance costs so you could be liable for the remaining balance. Our Short-Fall protection means that you can have the outstanding balance covered, meaning you aren’t out of pocket. This can be extended to cover the deposit you paid for the vehicle as well.

Maintenance Plans

To find out more about these products or to apply visit www.uinsure.co.za or fill out the form and someone will call you back.

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